The Dearborn Deuce Convertible - A revolutionary all steel 32' roadster body.
**Pictured above is a car completed using our Dearborn Deuce body**

The Dearborn Deuce Convertible is an all-steel roadster body redesigned around an amazing, fully disappearing top assembly. A standard '32 roadster body falls short of the necessary requirements to package a top like this, so a completely new body was designed around a hide-away top. Neither a true roadster nor a cabriolet, we call it The Dearborn Deuce Convertible. It's the result of the efforts of Dearborn Deuce and a major Detroit OE company well known for its engineering of open air systems for global auto makers.

Several body design changes were necessary in order to package this top mechanism in a '32 roadster. We kept them as subtle as possible, to preserve the original look of the standard vintage '32 roadster body. Look closely and you'll notice that the doors have been stretched 3" rearward to meet the new top. They are also reshaped at their front edge to bring the side glass forward. The cowl was reworked to accept a specially-designed windshield that meets the side glass. The new side glass is curved, and it has been tooled exclusively for this car.

An opening "tulip panel" behind the seat stores the entire top assembly completely out of sight. We deepened the cockpit by stealing 2-1/2" from this tulip panel, allowing you to sit back further in the cockpit, providing 2-1/2" more of leg room. The outer dimensions of the body, and even the stock trunk lid, have remained bone stock. The profile of the car with the top up, however, presents a "long nose / short deck lid" look, because of the windshield set back on the cowl and the top moved 2" further rearward. It's an absolutely terrific look.

The top itself is covered with high quality Haartz cloth, and is available in a choice of colors. The rear window is glass with a chrome and polished stainless frame giving the top that old world coach built look.

It's the roadster that can close up tight against whatever mother nature has to offer. Oakley Industries in Detroit assembles all Dearborn Deuce Convertible bodies.

The Dearborn Deuce Convertible is truly a Detroit OE-built hot rod body, which significantly raises the bar in quality and our overall production capacity.

Production of the convertible bodies began in May 2004 and continued with the third production run in September 2006.

Reserving a Body
A deposit of $5,000.00 is required to order a body. Upon receipt of your check, a body will be scheduled for assembly for you, with shipping to take place within approximately four weeks. Production times can vary by volume of orders. Contact us for current body production schedule information. 
To reserve a body, contact us at: (860) 669-3232

Our Current Retail Price $24,500.00

  • Standard convertible body with doors, trunk and tonneau installed and operational
  • Polished stainless windshield stanchions and frame with glass all installed
  • Black Haartz cloth top fully finished and installed
  • Power windows installed
  • Garnish moldings with glass seals installed
  • Integrated firewall/steel toe board
  • Full length flat floor
  • Complete weather seal kit
  • Stamped steel roadster dashboard
  • Transmission tunnel cover
  • Rolling dolly with wheels: Extra charge
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